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Urban Forest & Green Spaces Committee:
Core Team Coordinator Adrian Bradley
Core Team Coordinator Daniel Buckles
Core Team Member Dennis Van Staalduinen
Core Team Member Roland Dorsay
Core Team Member John Arnason
Core Team Member Eloise Holland
Core Team Member Jen Neate
Core Team Member Alan Ramanus
Core Team Member Chris Henschel
Core Team Member Roderick Gillyatt
Core Team Member Catherine Shearer
Little Woods Committee:
Core Team Coordinator Eloise Holland
Core Team Coordinator Jen Neate
Neighbourwoods of Champlain Park Committee:
Core Team Coordinator Catherine Shearer
Core Team Coordinator Daniel Buckles
CPCA Environment Committee:
CPCA Exec Coordinator Daniel Buckles
NCC: Liaison Co-ordinator Adrian Bradley
City of Ottawa: Liaison Coordinator Eloise Holland

NCC Contact Information: Tel: 613-239-5000 Email: