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Restoring the Little Woods

The north-west corner of Clearview and Patricia Avenue is a small parcel of land we call “The Little Woods”. It was acquired by the City of Ottawa through a land swap involving Tamarack Homes, the City and the NCC, to accommodate a residential development on Clearview Avenue. The land, Lot 119 in City records (see Map, below) is zoned as a Natural Environmental Area, and has a restrictive covenant on the property prohibiting buildings. It is associated with areas left in natural or semi-natural state.

Our hopes for this area are that it can be restored to a natural state, and fully integrated into the NCC forest. Our design ideas are:

  • remove invasive species (Buckthorn, Mustard garlic, Manitoba Maple, Japanese Hops)
  • remove dead ash and elm trees (the city has already marked one of these for removal)
  • remove concrete from old frost fence
  • remove fence separating the land from the NCC forest
  • prune apple tree
  • maintain a space for the black walnut and burr oak already there
  • amend soil and plant native plants
  • install an interpretive sign, describing the natural history of the area

Little Forest - Lot 119

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