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Project Proposal for regreening the parcel of land at the corner of Clearview and Patricia Avenue.

Two years ago the environment committee suggested this neglected parcel of land could be improved, Jen Neate and I began initial discussions with the city to see what might be possible.
It has taken many months of e-mailing to determine the ownership of the land. After a fair amount of back and forth communication we have determined that the land belongs to the City of Ottawa, and was part of a land swap involving Tamarack development and the NCC. The land is identified as a Natural Environmental Area. There is also a restrictive covenant on the property, and no building can be built on the lot without NCC permission.

We are now in discussions with the City anticipating working on lot early spring 2016.

Our design ideas would include the following:
-remove invasive species (Buckthorn, Mustard garlic, Manitoba Maple, Japanese Hops)
-remove dead ash and elm trees (the city has already marked one of these for removal)
-remove concrete from old frost fence
-prune apple tree
-install wood chip paths
-maintain a space for the black walnut and burr oak already there
-amend soil and plant native plants
-install an interpretive sign, describing the natural history of the area

I should also note that the city map below labels the corner lot as 119. The house numbers on the map are incorrect. (there is no 127 Clearview for example) We’ve been calling the lot #119, but since this is a community members house number, we are now adopting the use of Little Woods for all further communications related to this lot.

Little Forest - Lot 119

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