Little Woods Restoration Project – 2017 CEPGP grant proposal

Community Environmental Projects Grant Program (CEPGP)

Application form

Closing date: Submitting your Application
Apply before March 31, 2017 at 4 pm. Late applications will not be considered.

Application Information

Contact Person: Eloise Holland
Title: Community Volunteer – City of Ottawa Liaison Coordinator

Organization Name: Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) – Environment Committee

Address: 177 Patricia Avenue
City: Ottawa
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: K1Y 0C5
Telephone:  613-729-1218








Project Description

Name of Project: Little Woods Restoration Project

Amount requested from CEPGP: $1415.00

Items – Private Contractor + materials:        $1415.00 (Request cost from CEPGP)
> 33% of estimated CEPGP amount:           $550.00 (*Service + In-Kind)
Estimated Total Project amount:                    $1965.00 (Project total)

Breakdown of 33% of CEPGP:
*Service + In-Kind estimated costs:
$400.00 (Volunteer time) + $150.00 (In-kind donation)  = $550.00

Briefly describe the project. Include the purpose, goals and objectives, expected results, how the project will be evaluated, and how the project will support an environmentally sustainable Ottawa.

The Little Woods is a small neglected parcel of city owned land at the corner of Patricia Avenue and Clearview in Westboro. It backs on to a large National Capital Commission (NCC) woodlot that extends to the Sir John A MacDonald Parkway.

We would like to restore this small woodlot by removing invasive species, and clearing garbage and rubble from the site. We also intend to remove old fence posts left behind after fencing was removed in 2001.

We would like to connect this small woodlot to the NCC woods to the north by removing the fence that exists on the northern boundary of the property. After the fencing is removed we can add soil and mulch, and replant native species.

In 2016 we worked with the City of Ottawa to remove invasive Buckthorn from the site and replant with Native Species. This marked the beginning of the rejuvenation of the wood lot. Neighbourhood volunteers and students from Elmdale School helped with the tree planting.

Community involvement in this restoration is a valuable way to connect people to the natural world, to build stronger neighbourhood relationships and foster environmental stewardship.

Improving native plant diversity will increase insect and animal diversity. This improvement is motivated by the connection to the larger mature forest to the north and the significant birding area that lies beyond it.

By replanting drought tolerant, fruit bearing native shrubs we will maintain a food source for wildlife, and slow the regrowth of Buckthorn.

Removing the wire and rubble from the fencing will add to the beauty of the woods, and make it a safer environment for people using the site.

Connecting the Little Woods lot to the NCC woods will increase its integrity as a natural space, and allow for easier public access.

Other related volunteer restoration projects for this site:

Briefly describe the plan to implement the project. List all major tasks and identify when they will be completed and by whom. If applicable, identify how and by whom this project will be maintained following completion.
Projects must be completed within one year of receiving funds.

This project has been broken up into 5 Parts, each Part is listed in greater detail at the end of this proposal.
(Parts 1-3)
The project will begin with the removal of the fences and the concrete fence posts. This will be carried out by a contractor equipped with a backhoe. The rubble and fencing will be removed from the site by the contractor and recycled where possible.
(Part 4)
The shrubs will be purchased locally from Ferguson Forest Centre in Kemptville, and picked up by volunteers.
Community volunteers will back fill with topsoil, spread mulch and plant shrubs.
The teachers at Elmdale School are interested in having their students plant with us again this year.  
A watering schedule will be organized for the summer months after the planting occurs.
The shrubs will be protected from rodents with trunk wraps. (left over from last year’s planting)
(Part 5)
Old tree stumps will be chipped and left on site to enrich the soil by the contractor.
The contractor will providing us with the mulch and topsoil.

Are you partnering with any other groups or organizations for this project, including the City of Ottawa? For any anticipated City of Ottawa contributions, estimate the number of hours of City staff time required, and all products/services and equipment you hope to receive or borrow from the City.
The scope of this project spans two different property owners, the NCC and the City of Ottawa respectively, for which we are only seeking property owners consent to make the necessary changes as indicated in this proposal. All work will be done by a private contractor and community volunteers with no other involvement or participation with the property owners.

Description of Organization

Please provide a brief overview of your organization’s mission and mandate.

Champlain Park is a community between the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (Ottawa River) to the north,
Tunney’s Pasture to the east, Scott Street to the south, and Island Park Drive (near Champlain Bridge) to the west. The community consists of approximately 361 homes with over 1,000 residents. It is represented by the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA). The Environment Committee is a formal committee of the association whose goal is to enhance our environment, reduce our environmental footprint including our carbon emissions, and nurture biodiversity in our unique mature urban forest. This goal is one of five goals in the Community Plan, last reviewed May 15, 2016.

The Environment Committee of the CPCA has undertaken a range of initiatives in association with local residents, the City of Ottawa, the National Capital Commission (NCC), and other organizations. It organizes an annual Spring clean-up of the Ottawa River waterfront between Island Park and Tunney’s Pasture, celebrates National Tree Day by planting trees in association with the local school, encourages the protection and replacement of trees in public and private spaces within the community, and provides information to residents on ways citizens can reduce their environmental footprint. The committee has a NCC Land Access Permit allowing it to access the NCC lands on the boundary of the community for the purpose of minor maintenance and cleanup activities, removal of invasive species, and vegetation management (including planting).

It has also worked with the City of Ottawa on cleanup activities and tree planting on the City property targeted for the proposed project. The committee is active in meetings of Environment Committees across the City, and recently provided detailed inputs to the drafting of the Urban Forest Management Plan. This experience, and a mandate to nurture biodiversity in our unique mature urban forest, creates good conditions for implementation of the proposed project.

Does your organization currently have an active CEPGP project? Organizations are allowed to have one active CEPGP project at a time.  NO

Has your organization requested or will be requesting other City of Ottawa grants in the current year? NO

Does your organization adhere to not-for-profit principles?  YES

Has your organization supported this application?  YES (Environment Committee)

How did you hear about CEPGP?  On-line community newsletter


Project Budget

Outline the project budget below. If space is not sufficient, attach your project budget as an appendix to your application. Applicants must contribute funds or in-kind contributions of at least 33% of the project’s value. Reminder that CEPGP funds cannot be used towards salaries or on-going operating costs.

CPCA Funds


Total amount ($)

Funding Source

Request from CEPGP

Other funding sources* ($)

In-kind Contributions* ($)

Materials (Include donated materials)

Fence removals  $510.00  $510.00
Tree stump removals  $255.00  $255.00
Top Soil  $200.00  $200.00
Mulch  $450.00  $450.00
Shrubs $150.00 $150.00 CPCA Funds
 TOTAL $1565.00 $1415.00 $150.00

Services (Include donated services or volunteer time calculated at $20/hr maximum)

 Volunteer hours
Spreading of Topsoil  $100.00  $0.0  $100.00
Spreading of mulch  $100.00  $0.0  $100.00
Landscaping  $100.00  $0.0  $100.00
Planting Shrubs  $100.00  $0.0  $100.00
 TOTAL  $400.00 $0.0 $400.00


$0.0  $0.0

I certify that the information submitted is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. On behalf of the organization, I hereby declare that the funds will be used as described in our request. Unused funds will be returned to the City of Ottawa.

Date: (DD/MM/YYYY)  30/03/2017

Signature: Eloise Holland

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Personal information provided by the applicant on the application form is collected for the purpose of the City of Ottawa’s Community Environmental Projects Grant Program. The information will be used internally to administer the Program.

If applicable to your project, please provide the following as separate attachments:
• A project sketch indicating:
    – Provided below – See Project Site
Project location
    – Provided below – See Project Site
Existing site conditions
   – Provided above
Proposed changes to site
  – Provided above and below
Photos of existing site conditions
   – Provided below
Proof of property owner consent if the property is not owned by the applicant.
  – Consent is required from both property owners.
– Please see attached NCC property owner’s consent
City of Ottawa
– City of Ottawa property owner’s consent – At time of submitting this proposal we where unable contact the appropriate person from the City who could provide this.
As the CEPGP process is a City process we are assuming if our proposal is successful this will be resolved by the City internally as part of the process.

Project Site

Little Woods – City of Ottawa – Lot 119
Corner lot at Patricia and Clearview Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

Close up of Lot 119  – City of Ottawa – Little Woods

Aerial picture of Lot 119  – City of Ottawa – Little Woods

Part 1:

Property Owner:  NCC  

Services required: Hiring Contractor

Removal of existing NCC Black Chain Link fence and posts between the Little Woods (City of Ottawa – Lot 119) and Champlain Woods (NCC)

This fence runs from the corner of last house’s fence on Clearview, next to Lot 119, across Lot119 to Patricia Avenue between the Little Woods (City of Ottawa) and Champlain Woods (NCC)

Posts: 7
Fence: Approx 110″ (9ft) of fence between each each post x 7 posts = 65 feet approx total length
Work: To be done by contractor

Part 2:

Property Owner:  NCC

Services required: Hiring Contractor

Removal of existing NCC Grey Chain Link fence and posts between the Little Woods (City of Ottawa – Lot 119 on left side of picture) and existing left entrance post to the  Champlain Woods (NCC)  – Shown on the left side of picture. The entrance post on the right hand side is attached to fence which runs along the rest Patricia Avenue

The right side entrance post would remain, this connects to a chain link fence which runs all the way down Patricia Avenue along the Champlain Woods to the corner where it meets Pontiac Avenue

– Posts: 3
– Fence: Approx 110″ (9ft) of fence sections between each each post x 3 posts = 20 feet approx total length
Work: To be done by contractor

Part 3:

Property Owner:  City of Ottawa

Services required: Hiring Contractor

Removal of 4 old posts in the Little Woods (City of Ottawa – Lot 119) along Patrica Avenue roadside

2 posts are above ground (as shown in picture)

The other 2 posts are cut at the base (not in picture). These posts were cut off at ground level along Patricia Avenue. The concrete footings are in the soil with one inch of pipe sticking out. They are in line with the dead elms marked with X

These posts where from the fence which use to be there before it became the Little words

– Posts: 4
– Fence: No fence
Work: To be done by contractor

Part 4:

Property Owner:  City of Ottawa / NCC
Services required: Community Volunteers
– Purchasing topsoil to be used for landscaping once all posts, fences and tree stumps have been removed to restore site to natural state
– The spreading of topsoil and filling holes etc would be done by Community Volunteers
– Planting shrubs in some of the previous fence and stump locations
– Spreading of Topsoil, mulch and landscaping
Planting shrubs
Work: To be done by volunteers

Part 5:

Property Owner:  City of Ottawa
Services required: Hiring Contractor
Recently a few dead ELM trees were cut down at the base of trunk by the City of Ottawa, leaving the tree stumps in the ground.
– Removal of tree stumps
Removal of tree stumps
Work: To be done by contractor