Champlain Woods

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NCC Forest - Champlain Park aerial view

The NCC forest bordering our community is an integral part of the community experience. Transformed from its natural state by cottage development in the 1900s and severely damaged by the 1998 ice storm, it currently serves as an area for walking, a home for wildlife and a buffer between the community and traffic on the Ottawa River Parkway.




Our overall goal for the NCC forest is to foster a healthy urban forest and green space supporting native plants and wildlife and recreational enjoyment of nature.


Our objectives are to:

  • Learn about the forest, including its plants and animals, important habitats and areas requiring restoration;
  • Ensure no damage or destruction to natural habitats;
  • Maintain a diversity of natural habitats, including open areas;
  • Support the gradual succession of the flora and fauna towards a mature forest comprised of native species of trees, shrubs and ground cover;
  • Remove and strictly avoid plant species known to be invasive or inappropriate to a native forest;
  • Maintain a safe, accessible and litter-free environment for people of all ages;
  • Support opportunities for educational and recreational experiences in the forest and;
  • Enhance pathways and connections between Champlain Park, the Ottawa River and the broader community.


NCC Grid Forest Map (Version 13-JAN-2016)


 NCC Forest – Mapping of Existing trails (Version 03-April-2016)

Existing trails within the NCC forest at Champlain Park
Mapping of existing trails within the NCC forest at Champlain Park

Mapping of existing trails within the NCC forest

NCC Access Permit

NCC Approved Land Access Permit for Champlain Park

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