Want to contribute to an active project of the Environment Committee? The current projects are:

Rehabilitating and enjoying the NCC Forest between our community and the Ottawa River, an area we call “The Champlain Woods”.

Promoting stewardship of trees in the residential area, an urban forest project we call “Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park”.

Restoring the City-owned forest fragment at the north-west corner of Clearview and Patricia avenues, a project we call “The Little Woods”.

Re-imagining and renewing our Park, including expansion and beautification along Pontiac Avenue, a project we call “Re-imagining the Park”.

Conserving the ancient genes of ancient oaks in Champlain Park, through the “Champlain Oaks Project”.

Want to start a new project, in collaboration with the Environment Committee? Following are great ideas, small and large, in need of a champion:

  • Virtucar
  • Chimney swift monitoring
  • Installation of bat houses
  • E-waste – Ontario Electronic Stewardship
  • Community garden
  • Researching information on disposal of specialized waste
  • Community composting
  • Community nurseries
  • Champlain Park acts as a river steward

Contact us if these or other initiatives you have in mind are things you would like to champion or help get off the ground.